Work in progress

July 1, 2015

We are a Company whose goal is to empower your business with our initiative, enthusiasm and proven expertise and experience. We are a dedicated team of designers, journalists, editors, proofreaders and media communications professionals. We have a common goal: design your brand and empower your organization to communicate effectively.


July 1, 2015

We are specialists in the art of data visualization. More than 17 years of experience guarantee our ability and credibility. Always trying to add context and meaning to the exponentially growing world of data around us. We are developing projects for clients in United States, UK, and other countries of Europe, Latinamerica and Asia.

Data visualization specialists

July 1, 2015

Explaining a complex idea to an online audience requires a level of personalization, detail, nuance and openness that only an interactive visualization can provide. Data visualization can produce big benefits, some of which are subtle yet powerful. One of the biggest benefits is personalization – e.g., enabling potential customers to estimate the value of a […]

Estudio Antena means more than just business. It is a team of bright minds: art directors, project managers, infographic designers and 3D designers committed to fully grasp the concept behind your product or service. These minds create paper and pencil prototypes for you to see the solution to your needs from beginning to end.

Once the prototype has been approved, we start digitalizing the design and give shape to the final infographic design.




“I am a massive fan!” “Antena is a collaborative, strategic consulting firm — they help you get deeper understanding of your business, the competitors, the market, and what you need to do to win.” “Overall, Antena is a pleasure to work with, did exactly what was needed, stretched our thinking, and provided opportunities for new growth. A responsive partner.” “I am delighted to have found Antena Infographics.”

Anthony Winkler

“It’s smart people doing smart work — they assess the situation, bring outside experience to bear, get smart about the business, and are courageous about execution.” Great partners, incredibly professional, easy to work with … friendly and nice. Antena does amazing, smart work. “We have complete confidence that ultimately the recommendations will be actionable. We believe that Antena will deliver exactly what we need — and better.”

Ernesto Ordoñez

“Antena Infographics is one of the best agencies I’ve encountered. They are a great animators, illustrators, coder, thinker, and one of the rare folks who can do literally anything, and well. They have delivered projects to me or end clients in a variety of formats including .PDF, slide / pitch deck, annual reports, interactive web site, infographics, and video.”

Gonzalo Nieto